nuketown 24/7

 Nuketown 24/7 what happened 8/5/2011.


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If i remember correctly it was last weekend along with the double XP.

Hope my $0.02 helps.

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 Nuketown 24/7 what happened 7/29 - 31 ?



What happened ?......... I finished ranking up for this prestige ....... dropped my k/d by 2 or 3 points and pro'd out a few perks.


Had a good time.

That sucks if you thought that was this week!! Probably be back in a few weeks so don't be too discouraged...

I went from a lvl 1 to a 43 or so. Other account has issues and lost a Prestige 3 50 but oh well better safe and have my credit card and paypal account safe and account get locked during investigation and have to start a new account to stay safe :)

this weekened i told myself i would finish this game out at 14th i was 12th when it started and 14th 50 all pro perks at the end so i thought if i finish it out now i can go back to regular life and i did as that

I only play a few hours here and there with my schedule and the ammount of medication i am on i cannot play long hours like i used to :) Plus kids and the whole nine lol

They need to just take that garbage out of regular rotation and have a Nuketown playlist all on its own.  

"Happy Drinking"

Nuke Town was the best map now it's the second best. The now best map you got to bye it but it is one of best maps in Black Ops is called DIVE IN.    



NT 24-7 Kinda sucks anyway. You just up with a bunch of people just playing because they like the map, and have no idea how to play the objective game modes.