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Hey. This question has probably been asked alot, I've been looking but cant find an answer. I read that the deluxe package that includes nuketown 2025 will only be available until the 26th, so after that will you never be allowed to get nuketown 2025?


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  Yeah, its been asked.

  But if you can still download it they replaced it with a chaos moshpit. Nuketown is in there.

Do you know how I would download it for PC and how much is it?

It isn't for sale on any system and they haven't announced if they'll put it up for sale, although David vahnderhaar said they were leaning towards not selling it. But that was before the release so they were probably trying to get more people to preorder.

You can still upgrade to the deluxe edition on steam until the 26th. That will give you Nuketown 2025 and Nuketown zombies, The soundtrack and WaW plus some other stuff for $20. I'm thinking of buying it.

^^^   WaW?

[quote user="a tired old guy"]

^^^   WaW?


World at War (COD5)

[quote user="a tired old guy"]

^^^   WaW?

[/quote]World at war. I'm a tired old guy too But at least I know what that is. lmao

 Yeeeeaahhh ............ I know what WaW is.  Its the first cod I really put time into.

 Its the details of it being with the delux edition. I mean last I know the game was hopelessly infested with hacks and mods, so I cant imagine them giving it away. they might as well give away a free kick in the nads.

  Sooooo details .....?

 Just the soundtrack for it?

  Campaign or just single player stuff?