Nuke town 2025

Could somebody please help, I got the bonus map with my purchase but it disappeared after two days, is this normal??

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they changed the game mode, its now smaller maps with nuketown included, they did away with the 24/7 nuketown.

Thanks mate, but why???????? Lol

Because playing Nuketown over and over again is just boring and in a way is rather lame because you gain XP so fast.


Actually, they removed it because more people were playing the 24/7 game mode more than any other playlist.

To gain XP. It's the easiest map to gain XP in the entire game.

who cares it was fun, it was the closest thing to shipment we have seen in a long time, wish they had shipment ( maybe a little bit bigger) it was fun turning a corner to the whole enemy team , throwing a grenade and almost always getting a kill... of course killstreaks were so much more balanced back then.

Ah the days of shipment, I loved that map because even the bad players would get 50 kills! Haha.