Ns Rhino offering Prestige lobbies for MSP/Membership Cards

[GT Removed] offering Prestige lobbies for MSP/Membership Cards he messaged me whilst playing to day, sent my a voice message. We need to get rid of these cheaters and scam-ers. You can review the message he sent to me and other of his "recent players" list


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Report him,don`t name and shame on the forum.

Is that standard procedure or are you just trying to tell me what to do?

Plus the punishment for such activities is suspensions until 12/12/9999 so I don't see how naming him does anything detrimental beyond that.

Plus their is no exact way to report someone for this.........

Yes, that is the correct procdure and yes there is an exact way to report this. Select the message, then scroll to view profile and then to file a complaint then text message, then on file complaint. Done.


If you are still unsure of what to do then visit: http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/f/26/p/55953/307220.aspx#307220


I was not aware just reporting him for a text message was proper for reporting him at attempts of scamming and fraudulent  activities.

i have come to learn no matter how much proof,evidence or information on a person you have microsoft are not interested,all they want you to do is report on your console with no details what so ever.

good eh?

1-Outside evidence can be altered.


2-The XBL PET have all the tools they need to investigate a complaint from their end. If you FaC on a message they will know to look at the offenders message history. No external proof of that is needed.

not if the info is not on an internal message,you know what i am talking about you have seen it yourself.