NPC's are OP sometimes?

Was fighting in a cave against some bandits, killed them all except their leader. Leader comes up, we duke it out for about 6 seconds before my health is half way and he barely has a scratch. Next thing I know he does a power attack, I block, only to be killed instantly. WTF. I go back after dieing, kill his men, he comes up, hits me twice, Im dead. I ended up having to stand somewhere he couldn't and shoot arrows to kill him. I look at the 2 hander he was using......friggen iron. I was level 15 in full steel with a dwarven shield and none of that mattered.

This isn't the only time *** like this has happened, like none of my skill or armor mattered. I don't know why they did this if it was on purpose, dragons are easier to fight than some of the guys I have issues with.


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What difficulty are you playing on?  Are you afflicted by any negative stats or effects?

No none whatsoever. Im no pro at the game but I know my way around it. Multiple cases like this. Buncha BS.

I think I know who you are talking about, he was INSANE, he took my head off!! I ended up back peddling and shocking him with the occasional fire shout... took a bit but I got em. Im glad these little mini bosses are tough, tbh.

I have also been doing a random thing somewhere, and 1 monster/person out of a large group is tough as hell and blasts my @@@ into oblivion.

Sadly, it was a dungeon with the walking dead types, where I lost me sidekick Lydia.  It was a sacrifice because the enemies were rolling deep and the leader was tough as sh**, finally after 4-5 tries, I finally beat it and she was dead, did not want to reload the save to try again.   Took my crap she had and carried on with my adventure.....

NPC's are smart to. I discovered this place didn't know what it was, then lydia was like do you know what this is? I've never seen it before, it's an ancient dwarven ruin. I was like wow, that's F'n cool.

You're absolutely right.  I was just griping to one of my friends about this today.  I was level 30.  I was doing a quest with full flawless Orcish armor, enchanted with boosts to magic and one handed.  I had dual flawless dwarven swords.  One with 12 ice, and one with 16 fire damage.  I had a ring to boost my heavy armor, which is already in the upper fifties.  My one handed is up in the 60s.  My total armor class was over 250.  I can take down a frost dragon in about 10 sword swipes.  I had Farkus and an ice atronach.  Some guy in iron armor, with a silver greatsword, handed me my rear 2 or 3 times, before I finally beat him all potioned up and guzzling health.  It was totally ridiculous.  I mean, the mammoths and giants are harder than the dragons, but the city guards, silver hand and hired thugs?  I werewolfed out at level 31, and tried killing a Whiterun guard, and I was barely making a dent in him.  He killed me in about 4 shots, even with the increased health.  At that level, each claw swipe is supposed to do over 50 points of damage.  The combat is way out of whack on human NPCs.  I had to drop the difficulty down and then put it back in 2 or 3 places, because there was just no way to get past guys in crappy armor with crappy weapons, because they were killing me in 1 or 2 shots.