NPC in a leather jacket?

I played the PC version all of 1 day.  Maybe 1 day, for 4 hours straight.  When my watch hit zero-dark-thirty, and everyone was asleep, an untagged, unnamed toon, was walking 1/2 speed around the map with a leather jacket on.

Was this Notches dead brother?

I read herobrine can take the form of the evil miner or Notches dead brother.  I also read that there are many mods, mod bosses, but curiously no mod sisters. (being funny again)

But seriously, what did I see?


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Pics or it didn't happen.

An NPC. They wear all different kinds of clothes

Your posts never make any sense.

pics or it didnt happen? lolz shut up with that.

There are NPC villages in the PC though...

Herobrine = evil miner = Notch's dead brother.  They're all the same person.  You're lucky he didn't kill you.

You most likely saw the blacksmith.

Can I get points for being consistent? :)

lol@"notches dead brother"

why it gotta be DEAD brother tho??

that sounds so stupid ive seen that exact phrasing a million times this month.