Now the AI returns the grenades to us.

That E3 campaign gameplay video was so awesome.   Loving the new enemies, the graphics, and campaign gameplay.  I noticed that they actually return the grenades that you throw at them.  They seem a lot more intelligent. Should be a really good challenge on Legendary.


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The "watchers" can also spawn and bring the knights back from the dead. They will be the first target of almost any engagement.

Wow thats awesome. So the enemy that flies out of the back is called a "Watcher"?   The enemy with the opening face is called a knight? I have a lot to learn about these new Forerunner enemies.  Anyone know if the grunts speak english? Hard to tell from the E3 gameplay video.

Yes, the Grunts spoke English in the demo. At the very beginning of user controlled gameplay, the Grunt who was kicked to the ground by the Elite says "Demon! Demon!" or something like that, but is quickly hushed by a shot to the head by the BR.

Nice! Really looking forward to this co-op campaign. Hopefuly we get some huge enemies like Scarabs or something similar. Big massive enemies like that make for some epic battles.  Loved the Covenant level in Halo 3 with the 2 Scarabs at the same time battle. Especially on legendary with 4 people.  So much fun.  Crossing fingers for something that will top that epic moment.  

Think I will stick to calling those flying things 'Micro Hornets'. 

Enemies throw grenades back?


1) Why are they throwing them back rather than dodging/anything else?

2) Exactly how long does it take one to detonate?

3) Can it be done in Multiplayer?

@CSB, I'd suggest watching the E3 trailer. There's an enemy AI class called "Watchers" which hover over other enemies and "watch" over them and protect them. If you throw a grenade in close enough proximity to it, it will grab the grenade with a little gravity beam and toss it back at you so that you can't kill the enemies it's protecting with it. As of now, that's the only enemy class with the capability of catching and throwing grenades back.


Due to that, I suspect that no, it cannot be done in MP.

Ah, OK. Maybe I should watch some trailers :P

Gooch DGN are you serious? If so that would be amazing. Knights back from the aweosme

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