Now Recruiting for GOW3,BF3 and MW3 Squads

Looking for a clan/community? The Brotherhood of Valor is an online gaming community devoted to several different gaming platforms. The Brotherhood of Valor (BHV) was created to provide a place for mature, friendly, and dedicated gamers to connect and share their passion for gaming. BHV is here to provide an environment in which like-minded gamers can come and share their ideas on teamwork, tactics and structure. To implement and foster community camaraderie, BHV operates on a military type ranking structure, which helps establish a solid community foundation. While BHV does operate on a military type ranking structure we do not take ourselves too serious, we believe ultimately in having fun and that is why we are here.

Our hope is for BHV to be a place for you to join and be able to feel as though, when gaming, you are part of a "Brotherhood" and not just an empty gaming community.
BHV is open to players of all skill levels.

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Brotherhood of Valor doesn't require a "tryout" as we are open to players of all skill levels. BHV is a family and as such works with it's members to help improve their gaming skills. We feature in clan tournaments held on Fraggednation as well as "Mix and Mingle" nights where members from the U.S., Canada and through out Europe gather to game in a variety of different games.

If you want a clan that is a brotherhood and about more than just your k/d then look no further than the Brotherhood of Valor.

Hey Boog...Does your clan have a website?

Please feel free to check out our web site. We have a very active membership that uses the site daily and posts on any number of topics.


if you looking for a french squad for your 2nd battalion on your BF3 section. PM me

Only 17 more days and a wake up and Battlefield3 will be upon us. Battlefield Division growing fast. Join today and be ready when 10/25/2011 hits.

13 days and BF3 releases, 27 days MW3 releases.

Will you be left looking for a clan after the games have hit? Not if you join Brotherhood of Valor today. Check us out at You can also hear our podcast at

4 days and a wake up and BF3 is upon us. Have you joined Brotherhood of Valor yet? It's not to late. Join today and be a part of something more than just another group of gamers.

I would be interested in GOW3 and MW3, just message me.


Just registered for your AWESOME website.  Most clans don't have a website half as good.  I'm more or less looking for fun while I inconsistently hop on BF3 for a couple few hours every now and then.  I'm looking forward to the gaming community that you described vice the clan action I'm use to.

Now I don't know what I'm looking forward to more, BF3 or getting access to your website!


definatley signing up!!!!

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