Nothing works! player profile data corrupt. please help

I do not know wtf is going on but it is really damn annoying now. Everytime I start I get a s-load of pop ups always informing me on the same crap and classes are reset. Ive deleted my bf3 save data but it still is not working. I have deleted the save data multiple times and I still always get the same crap. Please help me, this is unbearable.

Ps, I have read what to do all over the internet but none of it works for me.


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I synched with my cloud drive and created my profile there when it was corrupted, then I copied it to my hard drive and replaced the corrupted version after deleting it.

1. Set up your cloud drive

2. Set your cloud drive as the method of choice for saving stuff.

3. Setup your profile and save it

4. Delete your hard drive profile and replace it with your cloud saved profile

It should be in both spots.

Worked for me but I don't know if it will work for others.

I had exactly the same a few weeks back, I solved it by deleting the game save and clearing the cache straight after. Means you have to re-download any game patches/updates but it did stop that annoying issue with this game.

Got on today after school and it worked! How do I prevent this from happening again?

If its cause of 'data corrupted'... I believe its due to turning it off during the 'saving' part. So double check to ensure the 'Saving' logo isn't displayed before turning it off or popping the disc out.

Whatever you do, don't message BF3 support. I got no help there when I had an issue. I got more help on boards like this.