Nothing for either "Seriously..."

I'm honestly surprised that they didn't give any special weapon skins or medals for people who got either of the Seriously... achievements. Yeah, we know Seriously 1 is hard to get now because of the way they count kills (host quitting, 2 people in a match quitting, etc.) but it would be nice to give those of us who worked our asses off at it back in the day when there were enough people online something like a medal or weapon skin or SOMETHING. Still doesn't explain why Seriously 2.0 people got nothing though, because that wasn't bugged. C'mon Epic, show your fans some love. I was pissed when my Seriously didn't unlock at 10k, but I persisted and earned another 4k before that beautiful achievement popped up right after I no-scoped a Locust on Gridlock at 11am right before I went to work. Sigh.


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Cry more.

They should give you an artificial sun for all the hours outside you will be missing.

still wearing the gamer pic 5 years later like a badge of honor. i would be to, only i never got seriously 1.0 after roughly 13k kills.

seeing 55/57 on gears 1 and 78/79 on gears 2 is a bit annoying, haha.