Nothing but snipers and lasers in your face.

That is all I see in this game right now.  Half the team will be snipers and the other half have lasers/flashlights in order to blind the enemy to get the kill.  Far too many games make sniping commonplace when it should be a unique position in the squad.  As in only ONE sniper per six guys at most.  Unfortunately sniping is incredibly easy in this game.  Don't like that then you HAVE to fit a laser/flashlight to combat the other laser/flashlight jerks on the other team to stand a chance.

The re-spawning in this game is horrible. Insanely too easy to grab a sniper rifle and just head to the enemy spawn area and just shoot fish in a barrel. Eventually when they have to team members to spawn next to in the field, the whole team has to use the base spawn, only to be instantly sniped before they can see anything.

Another problem is how the matches are paired up. One team is stacked with high level players with tons of gear unlocked who just DOMINATE young players with virtually no gear to help them out. This compounds the problem of actually doing well in the game to unlock the gear.

All in all, unless they nerf the hell out of sniping and ditch the laser and flashlights, I will be passing up BF3 and buying a different FPS that is more balanced and realistic in reality on weapons.

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Have to agree, I wish devs would think before they add new crap to games. I am going to cancel my preorder and wait for BFBC3.

i do fine with the default weapons. i do agree that its a problem though. lately ive noticed all these players camping, especially snipers.

Im still using the default weapons most of the time too , imo they are by far the best , not played sniper class though so i cant comment on them.

i do hate the "tac light" though its too overpowered it needs to nerfed a little i think . also it should default to off so your not respawning on friends and waving a beacon shouting "shoot us were all over here"

Have you been playing the fuill game???

No you havent...Youve been playing a BETA TEST version of one level. Glitchy , graphics lowered and ranking speeded up.

teams and weapons will even out in the full release. Just like in all the other BFs. The proper ranking system takes hundreds of hours to complete each class.

Spawn killing is a prolblem with all of these games. It happens alot in BFBC2.

They promised an open BETA when MOH came out. They delivered. You got to experience the new game before the full release came out. Most of the bugs you see in the game have been identified and fixed. You should post on Battlelog if you find any you think they should know about.

Enjoy that you got a glimpse of the game in a testing mode and wait tioll you play the full game before you  moan it out.

You have no idea the graphics are lower; they only stated the code is old.  9 times or 10 code does not equal new textures or player modes.  I'm pretty sure you will not see an improve in the graphics department.  When you release a public beta you are trying to sale a product.  Like it of not the beta is a first impression, you can never make another first impression.  DICE screwed up with this release.

You are wrong yet again. A demo is for selling a game a BETA is a test version of the game. The graphics are scaled down and operation metro was the map of choice due top the fact that microsft only allows the downloads to be 2gb andf under, FACT.

The lead developer from DICE tweeted .. The graphics are far better in the final release..>FACT!

Finally .. the graphics arent that bad anyways. They wont be PC standard because XBOX isnt capable of that level of graphic

Link please BootleBadboy or you are talking out your @ss again.

I dont even know why Im bothering to argue. I dont really care if you buy the game or not. Infact I hope you dont because the less stress on the servers duiring release time the better.

go and find my link ive already posted it on these forums. There you go uninformed opinionated fool!!

LOL what a chump!  You say I'm wrong but you can't prove it.  Go troll somewhere else little boy.

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