not using xbox store again

I tried to buy madden 16 after xmas when it was 24 dollars somehow was going to get charged twice and two different amounts at that. When I called and told them no one would buy the same game twice she said she was refunding one and I still don't understand but she told me one was for my xbox points or something. I said I don't care as long as I only get charged once. She refunded only one  but the game doesn't work. I contacted xbox support and a woman told me that they already refunded both of them and I said I'm looking at my bank account on the computer and only one was refunded, She said oh it might take 5 to 7 business days. I said it's already been ten , she said well it "probably" still going through but her computer said they refunded it two weeks ago. I know I am going to have to contact my bank and make them refund it. She said you can just buy it again I said now it cost 60 dollars. I would have been better off just buying the disc. And you all wonder why people don't like digital games. I have to go through ll this trouble just to not get ripped off and still can't play the game Thanks for nothing.


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