Not sure what game some of you are playing but



I have a blast playing this game. I have had minimal issue playing for long hours. Ya it's not a perfect game but I have alot fo fun and thats the point. Maybe I am just more layed back but man some people kinda freak out a little over small stuff that will most likly be fixed. I will admitt I like BF games better then the COD and have played them al since 1942  but I do buy and play both. They are completely different shooters. COD you can ust jump in and get a real quick gaming session in. BF is more involved and alot more team based. I tend to find more mature gamers in BF and I just don't mean age, I mean that really want to play and communicate. With a squad playing together there is more other game more fun IMO. Just my 2 cent and I am sure most of ya don't care. Anyone that wants to have some fun playing BF add me I will be on around 11ish central time tonight. See ya on the battlefield!!


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The only complaint I have is that I typically use a wireless connection but I can no longer play effectively that way. Every server, regardless of ping, has lag. So I must choose between the computer and xbox.

Same.  Im having a blast with the game.  There are a few annoyances I do have with it, but nothing to cry over, and trade the game in for.  Despite getting my *** kicked in MP, Im having a blast.  I know Ill jump back and become really good with more time, happened in BC 2, and started off as crap, and later owned the game.  I too am tired of seeing nothing but whine threads, 9/10 are over the most useless crap.  

I care only because its a bit tiring looking at the whine threads here which seem to serve no purpose other than for the whiners to hope they find like minded people. Id much rather read about those enjoying the game like I do.  The game is great, not initially as good as I expected, but totally better than what I thought would come after that terrible beta. The minor things I know are going to be fixed, as well as the servers that NO ONE should be surprised have issues at the moment.