Not so Modern Warfare!!

I love MW and especially MW2, having literally played it to death. MW1, loved the shoot out by the ferris wheel whilst awaiting pick up, and MW2, loved the whole thing BEST game ever for me. Infinity Ward should have kept the MW3 game in-house instead of putting it out to Sledgehammer Games who have made a total @ss out of the game. The single player story is nowhere near as good as that of MW and MW2. It's predictable all the way to the end as its just a mis-match of different Call of Duty titles. Not once did I feel immersed in the game play and actually felt like "wow this is what it may feel like for real". The worst part for me is when you leave the underground and come up behind a police cordon on London's streets, the sightseers look like they're cloned from FIFA12's stadium crowd as they stand undaunted by the sight of a bunch of men with semi automatics. As for the multiplayer maps, its Black Ops part 2. MW2 had great maps, terminal, fuel, even the smallest map Rust, they where of a graphically realistic looking standard and played well, something that Black Ops never had and now something that MW3 hasn't got, well until they give us them back in a "NEW" map pack (sarcasm)!! Even the menu systems are graphically poorer than MW2, and please consider that game came out in 2009!!

Poor,poor,poor..... It'll do for a Christmas present, but don't expect too much if you enjoyed the first two Modern Warfares. And as for spending £35 for an Elite subscription, produce an Elite game and I'll pay you more money!!!


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Infinity Ward should have kept the MW3 game in-house instead of putting it out to Sledgehammer Games who have made a total @ss out of the game.


I stopped reading here because that sentence is just ridiculous. You do know that 2 years ago MOST of the creative minds at IW left right. Leaving behind about 11 people.

And what? Did they get jobs at Sledgehammer???

NO! They made "Respawn Entertainment"

And therefore the resulting loss of talented staff led to a sub-standard release??

No. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ led to a **** release.

Should of known the rest of team at IW couldn't pull another good MW off. The the talent left when the main two left.

Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with the op here. I've played all of the call of duty games since cod4 and yes they all have their quirks and head scratchers but they all also were fun to play. The campaign for mw3 I have not finished yet but it's fun so far. Multiplayer is awesome. If you don't like the game then DON'T PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!! And don't complain on here about why you don't like the game. Go play Battlefield or something...

Oh, so you thought we'd care?  If you don't like it, trade it in.  Sorry that you feel that you've lost your money.

Who gives a sh*t if you don't care, if you like it then say so. Why are you sorry that I feel like I lost my money, are you connected to Activision at all?? Just like you I pay my subscription and buy the games, which gives me a right to express my opinion. We don't all agree on games, and thats great, because thats why the gaming industry is full of different gaming genres.