Not so bad on the One!

I originally bought Ghosts on the 360 and had a horrible experience with the game.  The graphics were horrible and since I played ffa most of the time spawning was terrible.  I did pick it up for the One since their weren't many games to choose from at launch so I got ghosts and bf4.  Bf4 is having some issues with lag and dropping games right in the middle of matches.  So I put ghosts in for another try and it was 100% better than the 360 version.  I have been having some good lag free games, the spawning still needs some fixing but has gotten better.  The graphics are so much better, the lighting is a little bright but after turning down the brightness it looks amazing.  Thats what I get for not waiting until the One came out to play the game, I almost didn't get ghosts and now I'm glad I picked it up.  


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night and day difference, at first I thought well it looks nearly the same. then I turned the 360 on to play with friends and was like what is this crap

I should have known it would be a huge difference.  I'm not liking bf4 though.  It kindof sucks, the whole 60+ player matches sounded cool but I haven't been able to play a single big map match since I got the game without being kicked back to the home screen.  

I bought the 360 version to play MP with my friends for a couple of weeks until the Xbox One version came out...but saved playing the campaign until I got the new version. Glad I waited, it is beautiful and yeah...the multiplayer is SOOOO much better on the One...just need more people to buy it and get online. Hard to find ffa games with only 300 people in the playlist lol

^Same as me

A few updates would be nice and some more people playing the game.  I'm having a hard time finding squad matches, and spawn killing is bad as always when a game hits.  It was sorta fixed in the 360 version but it aint fixed in the ONe version.