Not savng my multiplayer Levels? WTF???

So I played over the weekend in the demo with my preorder code and got to level 18.  So I start on Tuesday and I'm back at level 3.  I got up to level 10 and have unlocked 5 achievements.  Turn on the Xbox today and I'm at level 1 again.  WTF???  Anyone else having this issue.  Anyway to get back my levels?


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hi there, there are 2 methods you can try that will only work if you haven't played online and had it auto save after being reset however unfortunately it is most likely that your data will be already gone due to the auto save feature, you can try deleting your "player data" file from your Gears of War Judgment save file, and recovering your gamertag to see if your data comes back however this only works for a VERY small amount of people. The only other way you could recover your data is if you have played Gears on another console. If so, then there should be another player data file on there that you could use to replace your corrupted one, the other method is to clear your system cache and go back onto Gears and hopefully after the update your rank maybe restored, i to have also had my rank reset from level 120 having re-uped 2 times, i have contacted EPIC on my own behalf and they have yet to comment or even try help me on this matter, I hope one of these methods work for you, feel free to message me if you need help with how to do any of the methods mentioned above, also please get back to me if it works for you.