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I was a massive fan of Fallout 3 and was originally really hyped for FNV. Then the game released and I heard that it was riddled with bug's glitches and the like. I've now seen the game for a mere £11.50 and i was considering getting it. Is this game worth a purchase now or is it still full of glitches ?


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I would wait for the GotY Edition

Yeah I'd get it, especially for the low price and if you were a massive fan of the first. It's a basically more of the same but in  a different location, but I'm not complaining.

It isnt that bad, i think you read all the posts about people having problems and you never hear the good things because those people are busy having fun with the game.


I think ive gotten stuck on a rock twice in my full playthrough, just save often and you will have a blast.

The recent patch has helped immensely & the game is far less glitchier/buggier then previously.  Having written that they still occur on occasion so save often & have more then one save.  Also keep in mind that the  Fallout 3 GoTY is reportedly glitchy (Check out the player reviews at Amazon & to a lesser extent Gamestop) so an FNV GoTY edition won't necessarily be more stable; I don't wanna scare you but consider yourself warned.  I'm on my 3rd playthrough of the game actually. 


Keep in mind that each DLC has been at the $10 mark, so if you get all 4 DLCs plus the game you're shoving some $50 or so.  Going by previous GoTYs & how much they cost you'll probably be spending $30 to $40.  In this sense I'm just barely in the "wait" category. 


One final thing to consider.  I've been  noticing both on these forums & the previous ones that those who've liked Fallout 3 have tended to not be so enthused with this Fallout & vice versa. 

I loved Fallout 3 and when F:NV came out, I got the collector's edition (I normally don't get game coll. eds).  Well, I loved F:NV as well.  It's similar, yet different to F3.

As for the bugs and glitches... I've read about so many issues with both games, yet I've rarely come across any.  Sure, the games sometimes froze once in a while, but I expected it after a LOOONG play session.

Kinda wished I held out for NV GOTY, but given how much gameplay I've gotten out of it so far (still haven't picked up the latest 2 DLCs and grabbed the first when it was on sale for 400 pts), I was not disappointed.

I wish I waited to get mine at a later date... It's still full of glitches, freezes, etc... they recently sent out an update to fix some of the glitches but also it had some effect on the casino's as well. Lower betting appearently.. another one is that there are now computers in Lucky 38 and a few other random locations to control your companions.. But overall, I think it's a little worse then what it was....

Like anything it has pros and cons, but worth getting!