Not "Fun Guys" Achievements - Red cap's don't respawn

For the "Fun Guys" achievement I know the little mushroom guys I have to kill and that they are at the Hogwarts entrance & forbidden forest.  But they don't re-spawn.  So are there only 30 in the game or is my game is glitched.  This is the last achievement I need.

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Probably have to replay levels that have them in.

I think my game is glitched. I can not unlock my last charcters, which is Harry, where you have to throw the dart in the picture in the dorm room.

no no just leave the Hgowarts grounds and to go the levels and such, you'll get them in some levels just keep redoing those in free play

I had that issue too,  WL would just lift the dart and then drop.  Had the same issue with the Leaky Cauldron darts and the Veiled Threat chapter with the 5 DeathEaters.  

This was what I did to get it to work:

Change the spell to WL (don't use the X button), press and hold B and when it stops and hangs in the air spin it by moving the left joystick in the direction you want it to go.  Let go of the B button to throw.  It will automatically launch if you don't let go of the B button.

Which levels have the mushroom guys In them?  Last achievement to get now. They just aren't re spawning in the grounds. Please help

This is a mess up, just reply the mission in free mode.