Not on my watch - Achievement ??

Not on my watch - 25
Protect Chaffin from the soldiers in the street in Operation Swordbreaker

Ive done this 7 times now on Normal and this still hasnt popped. Is it glitched or something!?


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Not that I know of I got it first time ...

Got it first try.

Is that right before following and cutting the wire and then the earthquake?

After the rocket to the snipers face, while they're still on the roof. You had to cover your guys down on the street until they got across. I got it a few seconds after they cleared and the enemy started storming the building you're on top of.

Ive got it now...

You cant start from last checkpoint to get this one

@Spud, yeah thats it, then its around the building into the street where the guys were, then track the secondary explosive, then an earthquake. Thanks. I watched my son playing that part yesterday.

hmm yeah i didnt get that either.

It didn't pop for me at frist either, after fending off the 3 waves of people "DOC" will say thnaks and the three will take off. then stick around and shoot some of the goons running to the bottom of the building while your supposed to be leaving the roof top. that's where it popped for mo on the third try