Not much fun right now

So far i have not been able to play coop with buds.  both nat types are open.  "Unable to join session"  Anyone else having this issue? 

Multi has been laggy as all hell.  So far I've only been able to enjoy single player.  Anything multiplayer has been less than satisfactory.  I give it a d-

This is worse than the battlefield 3 launch.  Lucky that the solo mission is pretty cool.  Multi, ...not so much.


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Or you can be as unfortunate as I am who wasted money on a 3 day shipping and not having the product in 3 business days.

UPS doesn't even flippin' delivery on Saturdays.

*** UPS, I'm sticking to FedEx from now on.

Mine has been fine. Haven't had any connection issues, a few host issues but I just leave those games.

Gameshoes why not just walk to the shop??

I think this is a legacy issue across all cods. Any Co op mode has the same problems. Zombies, spec ops..something with the matchmaking