Not like it use to be.

 I just wanna say the regular xbox had Jedi Night and Jedi Night 2 witch is the best starwars game ever at the time, some my not agree but after playing The Force Unleashed . . . . . not realy my cup a tea. Realy though i feel like i got ripped off, the game its self was too short infact its too easy. whatever im just mad that they couldnt do it like Jedi Night 2  or Jedi Academy. They were the truth... . .See for your self and compare the two.

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agreed the first one was a lot better even with the whole "baseball bat " mechanic

I really enjoyed the first one, it had a great story, and I felt the graphics, look, and feel were immensely better in the first game. The second one felt hollow, short, empty,and just an all around basher without much point. They had so much they could have improved on, but instead it felt like a quick money grab.