Not for the casual gamer!

This game sucks! After playing Saints Row 2, I was hungry for more and bought this. There is no choice for difficulty level, so I have found this game nearly impossible. Not a very enjoyable experience in the least.


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If you dont like it..Dont play it, but...No need to complain on here.

you must like this game to play it. Some tasks are really difficult. when you like this game you can play it with fun.

it sucks now but it was good back in its day with gangs and ptp

fellas im tryna boost the multiplayer achievements, FR if ya dwn, ill  return d favor.

I'm a VERY casual gamer. I don't play often and kind of suck when I do... I am having absolutely no problems playing. :/

I just finished this. Bought 1 and 2 together and thought it would make sense to go in chronological order. Gotta say, I loved it. Although hard at times it's rewarding that way. At first I was really struggling but the more you play the easier it gets. Takes practice just like everything else. Only gripe I have with it is car collisions on the highways are often times devastating.

I don't really know why this thread was created to be honest. Go take it back to Game or whatever if you don't like it. Choice is yours, like.

All one has to do is look at Snoop Bawg's gamerscores and discover the games are ALL TOO DIFFICULT FOR HIM unless there's an easy setting. ;) Poor, poor, thing. Suck it up!

this game is full of team killers noobie standbyers and people who try to act tough over xbox live