not even released yet and 77,046 gave it mostly 5/5 stars.


review systems like this and amazon should not allow reviews before the game is even out. it's a joke. not that i probably won't like the game. but these systems are a farce.

Also, this has to be the worst, most sh**ty forum I have ever seen. It took maybe 5 minutes to even find this sub-forum after navigation and loading errors. Whoever is running these forums should be fired period.


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I HIGHLY agree with the performance of the forums. It took a HUGE dive when they upgraded to tis new system.


But reviewers already got their copies and should be playing them. I even saw the first 20 mins of skyrim for myself. And like stopped because I didn't want to see any more. but MMMAANNNNN Just from the 20 mins I saw, I was like........ O_O


Thats why you see many scores out already as the reviewers have gotten their copies and played it and gave it a review. But everyone and their mother already knew this game was going to get perfect or close to perfect scores all the way around. The only thing I can think of that can have a impact on it is bugs, errors and game crashes.

No official reviews are out. We're still on lock down for another week.

Skyrim isn't even your last played game! I am shocked ;)

H2O is a heratic!!!!  Burn the Heratic!!!!  Lol

I just double checked at Amazon, where I pre-ordered the game yesterday. There are no reviews for any versions of Skyrim.