Not able to load maps for online playing

A while back, our Reach disc got used and used and it got wear scratches from the Xbox and kept messing up on certain maps. So, I ponied up the money for another disc so we could get the disc to read again. However, it wouldn't load certain maps. I'm assuming because we got kicked off due to disc read errors from the first one. I'm more than aggravated at Xbox these days and this is yet another problem we have encountered and I'm looking for a solution.

Does anyone know how we can get those other maps to work again? I think we are also having the problems again on Halo 4 disc now. Any help would be appreciated.


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Try downloading Reach onto your Xbox console or hard-drive. That solved the map loading errors on Reach for me a while back. However, the disc needs to be in full working order to fully install the game.

As for the Halo 4 issues, I suggest trying HaloWaypoint.

I tried that a while back and I still can't get Forge Maps to show up in Matchmaking options. I can't seem to find much about it but we're they removed from all Matchmaking play due to mods or something?

You could buy the halo reach DLC version it downloads the game to ur console i have it and its really cheap! i bought it like two years ago and it was only $10. :)