not able to accept terms of service

Since the latest update in terms of service November 1, 2013, there is no help with the problem from the XBox live crew.  It is not a password issue, it is not a parent Live account issue, it cannot be fixed on the Xbox console that we do not have, we can log into both child and parent Xbox Live accounts:  Go to the page to accept the terms of service, log in with the parental account, hit yes, to accept and it loops back around.  The loop continues, so we cannot accept the terms of use.  PLEASE, this cannot be that difficult to fix.  The error code on the looping is C101A1FC.  This is not a new problem since Xbox took over Zune, it was always an issue, just never lasted this long.

We keep calling for help, but always have to start at the beginning, even with the reference number.  The troubleshooting tips are the basic, "reset your password, parental account send code to your email, do you have another email account, can you accept on the Xbox console (we don't have one-so can you sign in on a friend's console?), we'll get back to you.....they never do". 

The account is unusable as it is and we have now lost almost a month of service that is paid for by the year. 


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