normal size game tickets

is there any servers with normal ticket size i cant go on playing games with 900 tickets any suggestion please?


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I like the higher ticket count.  More opportunities for higher points in a game without the between-game loading screens.

there is nothing wrong with higher tickets but all i want is a normal game for when i aint got hours to spend in 1 game.

Server browser, then search, input "DICE", then you can play normal games.

thx will give a try

My BEER  server is back to the normal 100% tickets.  I have it set as rush right now though.  We do have like 4 different playlists saved though.  My server is in US South  [BEER] Platoon Server/Recruitment.  It probably empty when ya look for it.  So have check boxes unchecked for players to search for empty servers.

The high ticket games are ridiculous - they can last for hours, long before then every building has been destroyed and the maps look and play naff.

I played on a few of them - it is hard to avoid them - and people get bored and leave halfway through. I have seen numerous games with full teams at the start but by halfway through half of each team has just left.

mine is average 450-600 depending on the map..  matches were averaging 45- 59 mins yesterday, lots of points! a 2 ticket match for 2 in the mens room on Metro

a good game round should run around 45 minutes, one that is from 30 - 1 hour in time is perfect any more and it's almost too long...

less than 1,000 tickets will get you close to that time depending on if both teams really fight or if one goes for the objectives and the other just camps and flys, if they fight for the flags then it's longer.

with the higher tickets and longer time you do have better chances of getting some of the harder to get ribbons.

I like 1000+ games but for me 500 is pretty near perfect.I got kicked the other night cos i had to take a