NOOOOOOOO! What happened to my game progress???

I was stuck at the end of the  Kili-something Blvd level for the longest time.  I finally passed it and I was in the middle of the NMPD level.  Today I went to continue the campaign, but when the game loaded, I was back at the end of the Kili Blvd level!  What the heck happened to my game progress?  I tried changing the mission, but it won't let me.  Do I really have to play that again another 20 times?


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You're referring to the level 'Kizingo Boulevard', the only way to lose campaign progress is by not choosing the 'Save and Quit' option in the pause menu. This happens because in the campaign you automatically proceed with the next mission so it doesn't auto-save. Yes, you will have to do it again but I hope you've learnt you're lesson.