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Hey everyone, i just want to bring you the attention of NooBNet. A brand nnew and up coming community site (Not a clan). We aim to offer a home for every type of gamer. We are NOT a clan and the site is basically run on what you, the members, want to see.

I have a vision to make this big, despite how simple it may look right now. Hell, everyone has to start somewhere right?

What we aim to do is not only have a community base when the next gen comes out, but have current gen gamers as well. Also we want to create fun gaming leagues, competitions or general gaming events eventually.

Now the punch line, We aim to cater for PS, XBOX and PC gamers. The reason for this is many people are still torn between what console to get and there are not that many community gaming sites (run by genuine people) out there that are cross platform. Hopefully its a gap in the market we can fill.

If you have been looking for a site to use to make new friends, catch up on gaming news or chat, test your writing skills or whatever, then we are the place for you.

Please pop over to and check out our intro video on the home page :) also we are of course on twitter @noob_net so give us a follow or come chat.

Before i go, i just want to add a bit on myself.

I have been an xbox gamer for almost 6 years, played in the WGL since MW2 and currently own and run, which has been going for around 4 years now. I do have some experience in running gaming websites but i am moving to PS4 when it comes out, this is another reason i have challenged myself to make this work.

So i hope to catch up with some of you soon :)



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