Noobde Twitter acount. Ive been Told this Is a Fake posing as ed boon

So originally I was checking noobde on twitter waiting for the dlc announcement. Then I read someone post Noobde IS A FAKE! So I started following MK_Mortal Kombat. SO which is the best source? Noobde Does sound like a young fake imo.. any thoughts or facts?


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Heh, who knows? This is exactly why I don't get caught up in all this kind of nonsense. Too much work trying to figure out who/what is legit and what's BS.

Well, if you're going to scream fake, the least you could do is back it up with proof. Just screaming it out doesn't do anything but make you look like a fool. Not you, Sam, just whomever you heard it from. Unless they can back up that claim, they're just blowing hot air.

Nah its a real account.

i guess this i one BIG mistake

the post you are talking about is a GT on XBL

and not the twitter acount :)

yeah, the noobde twitter is real, the xbl gamertag is fake.