noob to online, Online league/crew etiquette help.

Not a noob to the games though! Bought NBA 2k10 last year after buying 2k9 around Jan 2010, loved both and bought 2k11 release day. Was addicted to the MyPlayer and association of course. Me and my buddy would play the association A LOT. So I have been playing the 2k series for 2-ish years i'd say.

This weekend I decided to try my hand at an online game and man did I get rocked! Still it was fun though.

Once again, I apologize for all my noob-ness im about to portray lol.

Soooooooo I want to start playing more online games, what are some tips to playing online? should I start playing on allstar/hall of fame for practice??? (currently just play on pro..)

And I noticed they have online leagues.... which sounds really cool but How exactly do they work??? When you join a league are there days and times picked for people to get on and play? Do you create your own guy and use him on someones team that you would join or create (or can you use your myplayer guy possibly?) ? Do you join a team and you stay on that time till all games are finished???

And I also wanted to know if my buddy (doesnt have xbox live, plays at me casa) could play as well?


Thanks in advance for the advice and tips... better knowledgeable then annoying  hahaha


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