Noob question - how do you change armour so it shows in matchmaking etc?

Hi all and sorry for the Noob question but how do you change armour so it shows in online play like matchmaking?

I'm a Captain and have unlocked loads of armour and can change it in the settings menu but it doesn't show online

Is it possible to change it so it shows up?

I know it doesn't matter what you look like but my 9 yr old son thinks it does matter!



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It should change. Your doing it properly. I think you might be having connection or server problems.

Make sure to change it in the armory. If that isnt working, then it is just your connection. And I agree with your son :) It matters

Sometimes there is a delay when you change your armor configuration.  Have you tried turning you Xbox 360 off and then turning it back on?  Sometimes, you have to restart your console to get it working right, just like a laptop that doesn't want to connect to the internet the first time you turn it on.  After you reset it, it works properly again.  In regards for the look of your Spartan III being important or not, I personally find it to be really important.  :)