Noob DLC question

I purchased the Ultimate edition this game, so I think I have all the DLC for it. I've already played Warden's Keep and The Stone Prisoner. From what I understand, Return to Ostagar is something I can just do in the main campaign as well.


What about the ones where you can, according to the Wiki, "import" a character from Origins, like Golems of Amgarrak? Is this something that I can do while in the main campaign, or is it something that can only be played separate?


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"Darkspawn Chronicles", "Leliana's Song", "Golems of Amgarrak""Witch Hunt"- These are accessed by going to the main menu and selecting “New Game.

You can import from Origins to Awakenings, Golems of Amgarrak, or Witch Hunt.  Or you can import from Awakenings into Golems or Witch Hunt. Or you can import from Golems to Witch Hunt.  You cannot import “backwards” as these happen in sequence.

Is there any real benefit to importing your Origins character into Awakening? I understand you can make a new character for it.

From what I understand. If you create a new character for awakening, the warden will be an orleasian warden. Therefore, no one will acknowledge any of the events from your Dragon Age: Origins playthtough. Plus you will start from level 18, and i do not about you , but I always get to around level 23 in a single DA:O playthrough.

Story wise- there is a benefit

Gameplay wise- not a huge benefit

Say I import from Origins into Awakenings. Can I then import the combined experience into Amgarrak or Hunt? What if I import into Amgarrak first? Can I then import the combined experience into Awakenings?

Follow up question: I've now beaten the game 4 times to see four endings, but which one of those endings gets imported? I didn't hit "Resume" and make camp saves of all four of them, so I'm curious if it's like Mass Effect, where every beaten game has its own file, or if it only takes into account ones that have actual saves.

From what I understand, You can only import in order: Origins>Awakening>Golems>Witch Hunt.

The story that gets imported is the one on the save file. It is not like Mass Effect.

How different is Witch Hunt if you elected to use Morrigan's option compared to if you did not?

Honestly... I don´t know. I played through Witch Hunt twice and the warden was in love with Morrigan  in both occasions.

Well, Morrigan doesn't romance female Wardens, so that's not an option for me! :-P

Meh, that was thoroughly unsatisfying. Being friends with Morrigan as a female Warden is significantly more interesting IMHO than romancing her as a male Warden. Makes me curious how a romance between Morrigan and a female Warden might have played out, had that option been available.

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