None transfer of dlc maps from 360 to xbox 1

I think its appauling xbox think that they shouldnt let us have the map packs even tho we have bought the game 2 time one for 360 and xbox1 and i have purchased a dlc map pack but they wont transfer it wtf!!! Its a code that costs them nothing what are they thinking... trying to win the console race? Im a hardcore xbox fan love my online but seriously after this call of duty screw up with the licensing of the dlc by xbox im not to sure anymore .... i think xbox should remember who it is that needs who more simple business ethics boys get it sorted and give those who have already purchased 360 dlc onslaught pack the download code to get it on xbox 1 for free  


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I am having the same problem. NOTHING I bought on my xbox 360 (maps, camos people, ect) transferred when I recently switched to the xbox one about a week ago. Which is really making me angry because the Maverick quickly became my favorite gun in the game. I have a couple emails into support but have not heard anything. I also tweeted the devs of COD: Ghosts and haven't heard anything either. I'll update if I find anything useful in my searches for answers.

As far as I know, it was only the game itself and the season pass will transfer over to next gen. Any of the camos or the individual map packs will not transfer.

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