None of you guys can really drive

Blame it on LAG!!!


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lol, cars do sometimes jump around man...

You've been having a laggy connection lately...  Are you using WIFI?


PS: I agree, most people cant' drive.  Including me. :P

I can drive...when there's not cars flying through the air all around me :)

It's hard to play when the other person's lagging.  They'll be in front 200 feet, teleport right in front of your bumper, you brake, they teleport back.

You get behind following them on the inside line to a corner...  They disappear and reappear behind you on the outside line...

When it's that bad you can't tell where they are on the track half the time.  Best I can do analyze their driving line and just decide when the best time is to attempt an overtake.  And I have to do it as quickly as possible.

For example, if someone goofs up that last turn before the straight on Maple Valley a few times, next lap I'll floor it and try to get around as fast as possible...  But I can't guaranty it'll be 100% clean when I'm making up a ~300ft gap going all out in one corner...

I've been running assist free with some guys... simulation steering, no line, damage on, that's been quite an undertaking. Limping around the track, cause all I have is first gear, trying to make it to the pit. Oh nooo, my car won't make it up this hill :( I lose. Try R1 like that, hehe, fun fun fun, till Daddy takes the T-Bird away!

i can drive jus fine thank you its all these other guys getting it wrong. seriously they jus mooch about hogging my racing lines n they slow down randomly before turns bah...whats wrong with these people

LOL!  No wonder I let everyone pass me at the start!!!  Plus informing everyone that I brake early, but that never helps.  People love to use my car to slow down when their brakes and tires fail.!!!

Aww, Love taps... so sweet. We need referees monitoring the track and black flagging some racers^^

BTW this is not the football team, we don't need blockers. Wait on me to come around again, so they can speed up and hit me.

lol, gotta love those "bump" drafts and "oops, braked too late" moments!!!  i'll be glad when the defensive driving school pack comes out!!!  :D  (hey, howd you get a pic of my dad?!!)

Thanks, Dad is nice, I've been called everything from Jesus to Manson.