Non-Silverlight preview of upcoming Halo news please

Hey, I have an old Mac computer with Mac OS 10.4 and Microsoft's Silverlight is not compatible with it. I do not have the money to buy new computer. I would like to see any Halo preview or news at Halo Waypoint site that does NOT involved or required Silverlight. Please use YouTube for video instead of Silverlight. Even Bungie didn't include Silverlight for their Halo previews in the past.

I will appreciate that Microsoft Game Studios/343i should use non-Silverlight options for any Halo preview for user-gamers who have old computers or OS not compatible with Silverlight (and have no money to buy new computers).

Thank you!


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Try installing it anyway :)

When I was trying to install Silverlight, I got this message:

"Only version 1.0 of Microsoft Silverlight supports the Macintosh PowerPC. You are running on a browser that may not be fully compatible with Microsoft Silverlight. You can still try to install by clicking below or you can refer to the System Requirements for more information."

I have Safari 4 (the latest version).

Silverlight 1-4 works with Firefox 3+ and Safari on Mac OS 10.4; and versions 3 and 4 unofficially work in Chrome...

If you want 343i to take this feedback, post here instead.