Non-Objective players

Why is it that whenever I want to play rush there are always 1-3 people that insist on running to the out-skirts of the map to snipe...while they are on OFFENSE?


Does it make you feel better knowing that you are contributing nothing to your team?


Do you like having your killstreak ended by my knife to your chest?


It's funny because its the high level people doing this.


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That's why I hate Damavand Peak Rush.  It's cue for the Attackers to dig out their sniper rifles and go all Call of Duty.


Worse than Isle Innocentes from BC2.

^ Not sure about that, also hated the lighthouse on Valpirso (or whatever the f@@k that's called)

They trouble me the most on Kharg island  and operation firestorm.


Just yesterday the entire enemy team was hiding in the mountains on firestorm and a week before that a bunch of people hunkered down on the Kharg island American carrier and refused to move the entire game!


Everytime i play a game with 10+ on the other team it seems like only 2 or 3 are even playing. You would never know that you were pitted up against 12 players!

This ruined Rush for me. I hate spending an hour defending one base waiting for 75-100 attackers to get counter sniped. They should have gone with time limits or no protected spawns for attackers.

Wow, I am or should I say only play Sniper class, the exact maps you are talking about I was on a mountain top, but not only rush but conquest too, There were many games where if I had not given up consideration of my own score and literally ran from flag to flag alone and having success capturing them then the team I was on would not have ever got 1 of there are a few of us that actually care about the entire team winning and will sacrifice everything else to try my hardest...but I cant do it on my own and you right they never even tried. On the Rush, I am only a corporal so not a whole lot of xp,but I keep running to it over and over, death after I can at least say I tried.

On a side note I have also seen the opposite of this, I have seen some great teamwork,I have seen others being unselfish trying to help the team as a whole win, so just wanted to add there are some of us out there and there are some really great teams, even with no comms playing with the good teams is great fun, playing with the people that do what you said and people that spawnkill there own teammates makes me want to reach through the tv, just my 2 cents, happy hunting.

"Non-Objective players"......SUCK





There is nothing wrong with running a sniper class, so long as you use it to actually play the objective.



I have recently been using my SKS class but I have been moving from Objective to objective. I have a holographic sight on my SKS.


I don't get a jet to purposely fly up on top of the "unreachable" areas just to snipe the entire game.




You can guarantee-DAMN-tee that I will run up behind any non-objective player and take your precious dog tags while ending your killstreak in the process.

If it is your mission to not play the objective than it becomes my objective to make sure you have the worst gaming experience ever.

in Objective games players really must play the objective, if they just wanna sit and snipe then they need to play a Deathmatch game.

@CosmicStrike: Word

lol. That's the crowd DICE wanted to appeal to with the glittery turd of BF3

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