Nocturnal's Clothes. How do you get them?

Nocturnal's Clothes. I want them. They are sexy for my female magi. Ive seen video's of people using it. I sure hope its not a mod.


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Your very link gives the answer in the second sentence.

Sorry OP but lol. You Posted the Link with answer to your question?

If we spread the idea around that we want to wear it, I think there s a chance Bethesda will add it in the next DLC. Everyone wanted to go back to Morrowind then boom, Dragonborn came out. Worth a shot isn't it?

The link says you cant but youtube shows some having it on there 360.

Are you sure it's 360 and not footage of a PC mod?

One of them had there 360 start up. I wouldnt be looking for it if it wasnt.

Vid link?

Save editing where you take a save off the 360 and edit it on a pc. Thats the only way you can get nocturnal's robes and unfrotunately in the recent terms of use update can now get your account banned.

That sucks. Ok ty its a stupid mod.