nobody plays anymore!

especially with the new AC coming out, you would think a lot of people would be on MP.

but i can hardly ever find a game on here, people need to get back on and play!

put down the COD for a while and come back to original epic MP. i want more games!


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Do you have the DLC?

Depends on the mode, the main 5 usually have a match every time, other than that, it's slow runnings.

I find it to vary between the modes, although there are sometimes in "Wanted" it does take up to 5mins to find 5 more members to get a game going.

Personally, I think all the dedicated players got bored of the headless chicken acts that happen within the game.... I;ve only got back into it due to the same reason!

Best bet is to make friends, then at least you've got a few people to get a player match started

I think everyone is just getting bored of it and instead play on the very addictive COD

If you have the DLCs enabled, try turning any (or all) off, that helps me find games when I can't with the DLC3, though I usually end up playing with n00bs when I do that, but hey, I still got into a game!

Nobody plays anymore because it takes 10 freakin years to find a session. The servers are terrible.

Haha, and that's also why if you turn off all DLCs in some matches you'll only find level 50s. :B

Yes it takes a while to find a session but there are some people around.

I don't have the DLC and I don't have that much trouble finding a match. Just don't be too picky about it, most matches are always Wanted or sometimes Alliance