Noble/Defiant Map Packs 50% off [Updated]

Hey everyone. Not sure if this is an internal mistake or not, hope it's the latter.


The Noble Map Pack and Defiant Map Pack are both 400 Microsoft Points on the Marketplace. I don't know if all regions and locales are affected by this price change or not.

Either way, if you were holding out the buy them at a discounted price, now would be a good time.


If it is a mistake and/or the price is changed, you guys and gals let me know and I'll lock away this. :)


[Update - Deal is over. Prices are back to normal. Hope you got the discounted maps and are enjoying it. :) ]


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I finally broke down and bought the Defiant map pack last week and now its 400 msp..why!? lol.

lolz I bought mine when it first came out..... should have waited I dont even use the map packs :/

Noble=Worth it! 400 is a steal for Noble!


Defaint= Not Worth it. You'd have pay me to play those worthless maps. :/

Nice! I'm missing the Noble map pack :)

just got them myself, anybody up for playing?

Nice!  Thanks for mentioning.  Just picked both of them up!

ahhh yess a much better price lol...

Why don't they just leave the prices alone? I purposely spent £5 getting some points to spend on them only then to find out the deal is now over. If the prices had just stayed the same, I wouldn't have wasted £5.

I refused to buy these maps till they went on discount, now I bought them but still haven't played.