NOBLE / DEFIANT Map Pack Achievements

So I'm looking for people to get some achievements done. I'm a decent player but never could seem to get all those tricky matchmaking achievements on Reach (or Halo 3 for that matter). If anyone out there is in a similiar situation and would like to get those achievements out of the way, hit me up. We can party up, run through whatever playlists we need, have the game all to ourselves, and each get the achievements. Obviously you'd need one or both of the map packs, but other than that I'm down with anyone joining. 

Some examples ...

Totally Worth It: Earn a double kill from the grave.

Candy from a Baby:  Capture two flags from an enemy capture zone in a matchmade Stockpile game.

BTW I'd be totally willing to help people with non-matchmaking achievements if you'd be willing to help me. Remember we can only do a party of 8 (on most playlists) at one time. So cool, cool people shoot me a message if you're interested and we'll try to schedule a date/time.

P.S. I am an adult ....


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I would play if you need one more

i need the ''totally worth it'' and ''you ate all chips'' achievements..they are driving me nuts lol...add me if you get enough people to play!

I know I could eventually get them, but the problem is I'm going to have to cancel Xbox Live within the next two months. So I figured I'd get some people together and get the achievements in a "controlled environment" rather than hope for a lucky situation (and yes I have tried a TON of times to get them since the map packs came out).

The Totally Worth It achievement can be done even if you are a really bad player. It all comes down to luck, it was my last remaining achievement in Reach for the longest time. Best way to get these is just play like you do normally, and you will eventually get them.