No weekend commendation package?

I promoted 4 characters between saturday and sunday and I have not received a Victory, nor Commendation package.  I have the Provide Online Feedback enabled as it is by default.  Any ideas? Anyone else getting this? Do they release them by a certain hour?


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Probably not until Tuesday or Wednesday the latest.

gotcha...glad to know it wasn't just me ;)

We usually get them on Tuedays.

That is if we promoted the 150,000.

I promoted 3 myself.

I'm hoping for another awesome rare. I got the N7 Valiant on the last event.

Yes usually LATE Tuesday night depending on your time zone.

Ah, well thanks guys! Yes, I missed the N7 weapon weekend and was hoping I'd get one of those myself.  

Seems to be the first one to mention about the Comm packs....

To answer this question, they will be live by 5PM PST Tomorrow hopefully. That's 2:00AM over here.

yup..I'm wondering if bioware blog has any info yet,most the time that's the go to source.

On BioWare's blog they said the packs would arrive no later than Wednesday, April 4th. They didn't give a time though.



[quote user="Bird125"]


That is if we promoted the 150,000.


[/quote] yep i think the final count was 350,000