No vip code

Really no email no message nothing! i buy this on games on demand an i get screwed! I could have went to any retail payed less and got a code. Come on microsoft you  atleast bought me dinner before *** me!


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other people in your situation have contacted EA support and managed to get a VIP code from them (free).

This does not surprise me in the slightest, that's EA for you.

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I dunno if the faults solely on EA, I think it might be a lack of communication between xbox & EA that caused it.  Thats obviously just my assumption.

i got a code for free from the link posted ablove- thanks!



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Ian R. (Listening)

Treta: Hi, my name is Treta. How may I help you?

2303274243: hello, did you get the blurb i just typed?


i bought BC2 from Xbox live but didnt get a VIP code

2303274243: this forum said to contact you guys and you would be able to sort me out with one

Treta: Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Treta: Have you got any manual?

2303274243: no it was a download game through xbox games on demand


there is an online manual

Treta: Could you please provide me the screenshot of the manual?


i dont know the url offhand, i can go look it up if you need it


its just on the EA website i think


Treta: If you purchased the game from XBOX live then you should have received the VIP access code through email.

Treta: Please provide the screenshot of the email


no i didnt, the forum thread i posted above shows that others didnt get one either and they contacted EA and were given them


ok, just a sec

Treta: Please provide me your XBOX gamer tag?

File attachment upload has started.

The file bf.gif (132.79KB) was received.



Treta: Thank you for providing me the information. Please stay online while I look into your issue.

Treta: Due to the nature of the issue, I’ll need to forward the matter for further review.  One of our Senior Support staff members will review the matter. Meanwhile, we thank you for your continued patience.

Treta has disconnected.

Ian R.: Hi, my name is Ian R.. How may I help you?

2303274243: hello, can you see what i see above from treta?

Ian R.: Hello, my name is Ian R. I am currently reviewing the Chat Log to get a better understanding of your issue today. Please note the following Chat ID: [1233370]. If our chat gets disconnected or you need to contact us back regarding the same issue, you may provide the next agent with this ID number so they can see the issue and troubleshooting steps performed.


she put me back in the queue

Ian R.: Okay, I'm sorry about that. But basically, you are just requesting a VIP code for BFBC2?



Ian R.: Alright, I can definitely help you out with that.

Ian R.: Can you get to the screen that is asking you to put in the VIP code?


xbox is not on and not easily accessible from here, are you able to email it or type it on here?

Ian R.: Yes, one moment


Ian R.: There you go. Sorry for the wait.

23032 74243:

thank you very much

It sounds more like xbox than EA.

Lucky you guys! I've been chatting to at least 3 different EA staff members & they wont give it!!!! GGGRRRR!!

yeah talk about bullsh!t