No vehicles or destruction in Beta? Why? Mistake.

From what I have gathered there is very limited destruction and no vehicles in the Beta gameplay. I know everyone is saying "Its just a beta its not supposed to be nice and fancy"... but isn't a beta supposed to also be a testing phase of a game's full package?

How can we expect an accurate analysis of the networking and connection integrity when half of the moving polygons (destruction) and half of the gunplay (vehicles) have been removed? Not only that but apparently the graphics package has also been toned down.

Is DICE so confident that the game will play flawlessly with the other 50% of missing features that they dont even feel the need to test them on a wide scale? That makes absolutely zero sense to me.

To understand what I am saying you hae to have some grasp of how games are made. As is, with no vehicles, scaled down destruction, and scaled down graphics, they are not getting a true test of the networking and connectivity (read: lag) issues that will pop up when the "full version" is released. The beta is not an accurate representation of the final game which means there is no point in beta testing.

Just seems like a really really dumb move to not be going 100% or at least 95% on the beta to get all your issues worked out before release.

What happens when the final game is released and there are major glitchces with the destruction engine which wasnt tested, and major glitches with the vehicle models, which also werent tested on a wide scale before hand?

I am just playing devils advocate as I love all battlefield games but I am seriously perplexed as to why DICE would choose to release a Beta for testing purposes but not be running the game at full capabilities... makes no business sense or common sense.


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I agree, but im really just happy they released a beta at all.

Realize that this open beta won't be the first time things have been tested online.

Seems to me DIce would likely know a lot more about what they're doing than any of us, silly to think otherwise.

But is it not silly to release a beta test that doesnt actually test for vehicles and destruction?

Its great to assume your game will run fine in COD mode (no destruction no vehicles). But it is a different thing all together to release a game without wide scale xbox live testing of the full package including destruction and vehicles.

I can already predict issues popping up after release directly BECAUSE they failed to properly test destruction and vehicles on a full load on xbox live before hand.

It only makes sense to run your game the hardest in the beta testing rather than scale it down and take it easy.

We all know that internal testing and alpha testing are not true representations of the xbox live connection and the xbox community. If you are playing in a little bubble and things run fine that is great but that is not a real world application. The beta should be as close to the real world application as they can get and runnign ith with scaled down destruction and no vehicles, again, makes no sense.

IMO It IS silly.  Dice has many releases to Xbox and PS3, they make lots and lots of titles, they have many smart people working for them, they do what they do because it most probably is the way it should be done, all things considered.  I can appreciate your concerns, but because none of us know s*** about releasing a title like B3 to a console...=silly to assume you or I would have a better idea of how to do it.  

Well said, finally someone with a little understanding...


man...I hope I'm wrong, but this is starting to sound like a repeat of Homefront...a major step backwards from its predecessor....I remember looking forward to that game, and telling beta players not to worry because KAOS wouldn't *** its fans..."it's just a beta"....I was wrong

DICE has many releases?

As far as I know DICE's only console releases are BF:MC 2005; BF:BC 2008; BF:BC2 2010; MOH (MP only/COD clone); and Mirror's Edge. Not exactly LOTS AND LOTS OF TITLES, as you say. I think it is very safe to be skeptical at this point in time regarding the track record of EA and DICE, and assuming that "they are smart, they know what they are doing"

Also dont forget, are we still talking about the same DICE that is owned by and takes marching orders from, EA?

You cannot honestly look at a game that half the features are turned off and expect a realistic beta test, that is why it is called a test. If you turn it into COD mode then it is not a true test of the games destruction and features, very simple to understand really.

If I am going to release a game and have a beta test to make sure everything runs smoothly on release date, my beta is going to be running 95-98% features, balls to he wall, in order to FIND PROBLEMS BEFORE HAND. Not after the release date when everything is running 100%!

DICE said the whole purpose of the beta is to test the servers. They probably wanted to show us as little as possible in doing so.

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