No Un-ranked Servers?

Why are there no un-ranked servers available, and why can't I create a new server?  EVERY conquest server (all 1000 that show in the server browser) is ANY maps also.  I want to learn a specific map, but can only join ANY map games.  You would think EA would set aside some server space for un-ranked games.  

I want to join an un-ranked game so I can do some recon on the maps, check out air/land vehicles, practice flying without "ruining" someones match because I'm not helping.

Oh well, to ebay it goes...  Maybe if this gets sorted out in the next year or so I'll buy it back when it's much cheaper.


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While browsing the servers you can click your right stick for browsing options. That is where you can switch to unranked servers.

I know that...   When I select NO under RANKED, it says [NO SERVER FOUND] and gives you no option to create one.

When I select:







[X] Includes games where server is full.

I still get [NO SERVERS FOUND]

Its not a gamebreaker really?

I'm not getting any non-ranked results as well.  I don't think it's a game-breaker though.