No Thanks, MicroSoft!

This may turn into a "wall of text", bear with me. This past July 4 week-end, M$ offered the "free-play" again. (Silver's could play on-line). Now, the only on-line game I play is COD4. Since the invasion of all the infecting scum, 3 of our 4 accounts have reverted back to silver. My son's account runs out in August and it may well turn into a silver account, also.

The only satisfaction I got with this "free week-end" was to AVOID and REPORT as many of these afore mentioned scum for the infection cheats. Although most of the week-end showed very few of these pukes, July 4 mid and late evening, they all came out of the wood work. I love sending messages to these scumbags expressing my desire to wring their worthless little necks, and also filing complaints and let them know I file the complaints. There are SO many of these dipsticks that message me back with, "please don't report me, I'm only 10 years old. I'll stop, please don't report me."

I woke this morning to find one idiot said he would give me free infections if I didn't report him, and then proceeded to out-line how to do it. Unfortunately, the free week-end is over and I can't report him through my console. Although I believe this against the forum rules, I am going to take a chance and invite M$ Enforcement Team to check my messages, if possible, (Kansas Farm Boy1) and see for themselves, going one step further and naming names, "bonecrusher63". He outlined 5 steps onto receiving the infections. Now, what kind of idiot is this?

Getting back to the "No Thanks  M$" subject, my golds are silver because I will no longer justify paying for a service that can't/won't clean itself up. I am sick and tired of hearing it is the developers problem. I say BS. M$ can BAN these idiots, BAN their console (because once they are banned, they just start a new account). PLEASE M$, i enjoy playing COD4. Once it is clean of all the BS, I will glady upgrade to Gold again. 

A couple of final notes. DO NOT MESSAGE ME TO EXPLAIN THE PROCESS OF RECEIVING THESE GD INFECTIONS!!! And to the Moderators and the PET Staff, I apologize for naming names, but I know no other way to report this worthless puke. I have also read a recent post that says COD4 is possibly getting fixed. Please hurry and to all that have a hand in the process of fixing it, THANK YOU!!!!!  ROCK ON!


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start worrying, its spreading to black ops. i got three messages off of one guy asking me to look in his file share because he had a hacked video that would allow me free black ops infections. so be careful with the invites that you accept :)

they are selling infection lobbys for black ops on auction sites too,the good thing is they are banning them quick ,apparently.i dont think they want it to get like waw  or mw have.

my gold account runs out soon to,and as the cod series was really all i played online i will be returning to silver for the foreseeable future.

Come back to the light side. Buy Bad Company 2. :)


But seriously, MS could take a firmer stand on account and console bans. However, unlike IW, they are making an effort to bring down these cheaters. It's IWs half-a$$ed game code and patch support which is allowing these modders to thrive in the first place.


Considering that none of CODs competitors (BC2, Halo, Homefront, MOH) have none of these problems, but the last FOUR Call of Duty's do, it doesn't say much about IW or Treyarch's support and dedication to their products.

Well treyarch have been pretty good with black ops but waw and cod 3 are dead, as for cod 4 iw have released a statement via twitter saying a patch is on the way but mw2 is pretty solid atm :)

The most recent account suspension forum (today, July 15) is showing a perma ban from COD Black Ops AND COD4! Get 'em, M$!