No Super Charger, only Turbo? HUH?!

WHAT IS THIS MADNESS Rockstar? This has been bugging me......You think I want to puit a Turbo in any of the Muscle/high end Sports cars?  I refuse to do it.......REFUSE! Why did you not put a Super Charger as an upgrade?


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For the fast and furious crowd?? Oh well, it's not Forza after all...

well I guess it's Fast And The Furious then....

yeah putting a turbo on a muscle car does not sound right at all!!!! kinda disappointed in the lack of upgrades. still better then GTA 4 though!

Surprised there isn't any NAWS, Lol

Hahaa NAWS, is that what it was called in SA?

I wants pink fuzzy dice which gives me +10% acceleration.

i'm pretty sure a Pink Fuzzy dice DLC will give the player's ride a +10% acceleration

"i'm in your face!"

Man, just drive down the road given every one the finger, you'll be fine. XD.