No such thing as Skill

Next time you and / or your momma are insulted on MP for being rubbish consider this.

99.9% of the time when you are beaten in a 1 on 1 face off situation it is generally down to your Internet connection NOT your skill level.

This explains when you shot the sh*t out of them and on Killcam they shot first or you pepper them and they suck it up.

I like to call it the Han Greedo phenomenon ;)

Forget improving your Internet speed through your ISP. Improved KD ratio can be altered due to certain food stuffs


Cheese and Garlic - This will double or even triple your connection. This is why your average Frenchman seems to be imbued with Godlike powers online

Sauerkraut and Apple Strudel - This will have an immense bearing on your KD ratio but beware. Eat too much and you will think you are superior in every aspect of your  personal life. Plus when on holiday you will have an insane compulsion to be first on the poolside Sunbeds.

BEWARE - While some foodstuffs can improve your performance others must be avoided at all costs

Example: Chilli Dogs and Curly Fries - These will make you loud, lethargic and want to sleep with members of your own family. It may also make you want to                   shoot members of your own Team from time to time. These will reduce your overall Internet speed by 33%. It explains why all Americans are pretty crap at COD :)


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What is with these threads today?


"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son."

What about skinny, drunk and stupid?

What a complete moron...


I can appreciate the idea, yes... but done so poorly. So poorly...

I absolutely agree with the skill and internet connection 100%, but stop reading after the food stuffs an example

Sorry but having a good ISP DOESN'T make you better at MW3, it hinders you to the point of frustration. Believe me, I experience it everyday.


You're theory about food is very intriguing... You must be a very successful pediatrician. /sarcasm  

I didn't read the entire OP (and judging by some of the comments I made the right decision), however I agree w/ what I did read.


Call of Duty has fallen so far from skill that it's hilarious! It's literally gotten to the point of skill being nearly extinct in the game. My new mantra in playing MW3 is "nothing you can do." Why? Because there's so many ways to die & no way to avoid them, like lag & bad spawns. I'm sorry, but if on my TV I fire 3-5 ADS'd shots before the enemy even notices me, yet I die & on the killcam my gun never left my hip let alone fired, how's that my fault? How's it my fault if I run through an area, check my corner, check my corner, procede & get shot in the back because while I was checking corner #2 someone had just spawned in corner #1?


This game (and series for that matter) means nothing, proves nothing, and showcases zero skill. Any statement to the contrary is made by someone who has nothing else going on in their life other their cod K/D. I used to care (about doing well, not stats -- never stats), now I just like to kill some shi...

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