NO subtance !!

Any more mature gamers agree with me that the majority of online F.P.S games are more about flashy lights and explosions than skillful fun gameplay ?


MW3 for me is the stellar example for me of style over substance.


Graphics over gameplay seems to be the order of the day which is sad. =(




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to me mw3 is just a copy and paste job from mw2 just with a few tweeks.

the maps compared to mw2 are a joke(most of them anyway)  

mw3 gets me bored after no longer than an hour, don't get me wrong i do like this game and it's fun playing with friends but all this modern warfare is starting to get very stale for me. i would be more than happy with WaW2 or something new instead of always the same game play. i think im sticking with treyarch from now on until IW thinks about something new. im 100% posetive im not going to buy mw4 if that's what their're planning to make next year.

^ MW4 will not be made

hopefully.. no-one knows though.

[quote user="Darth Arbys"]

^ MW4 will not be made



Series as a whole has had it's day in the sun. Fresh blood is required.


Like what, precisely?


Also, the majority of all games are about anything other than skill/practice/understanding/personal development/so on, not just shooters.

I played this game on release week and the same old noob crap was back in action .Quikscoping/dropshotting/Nubs getting rewarded for doing badly.

I and my friends never played it since. Your grannys could come on MW3 and do well which is wrong if you dont know.

Anyway back to your point BoB . Games used to be about  1-Good player does well. 2- Bad player gets destroyed. This is how it should be.

Now it's a case of

1-Every player must be a gaming God regardless if he has the playing skills of a drunken camel with 1 eye and a bad dose of arthritis.

I cant blame all these gamers who LOVE MW3 because they dont know any better (The halo gen).

For someone like myself who does know better and played online shooters when they didnt hold your hand It's quite sad to see how bad F.P.S games have fallen.

People have tried new stuff like Brink but they failed badly because nobody thought to actually playtest them before release.

What we need now is someone (not EA) to be bold and release a non gimmicky shooter were aiming and reflexes and FAST gameplay are the order of the day.

The chances of that happening are slim though as the vast majority of gamers are brainwashed into the CoD cycle so the real gamers get more and more fed up with the nooby slop thats served up and move on to other things.

I can see there being another atari like crash coming soon as when Jonny casual abandons his 360 for the next flavour of the month the original hardcore gamers will no be longer be around to keep them afloat.

Anyway it's your bed , you lie in it.

just been playing crysis 2. Game is a lot of fun and only 20 bucks at gamestop. Its different than most fps. Check it out and i know u will like it.

HAd Crysis2 m8- slow  unresponsive pile of cack =(    Console gaming is dead unless your 12.

if the series has had its day..why does every cod outsell the previous cod?..and all are record breakers in selling terms, black ops is a decent game iw have done nothing since they sacked you know who..cod 4 is a classic..dont get me wrong i hate mw3..thats why i sold it on and moved to black ops..also still playing cod 4 and waw..they still have a decent sized community.

[quote user="orion796"]

if the series has had its day..why does every cod outsell the previous cod?..


It's because they hype the heck out of every new game to the point where they have already got the sale months before it's released. I won't lie, I was hyped for this before it came out and was kinda let down a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I do like the game and all, but it was not entirely what I thought it would be.

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