No stats, no nothing for BFBC2

I recently noticed that all of my stats and gun information has been reset back to the beginning.  But it still shows all my dog tags.  It also tells me that my rank is 1 again, but if I play online for a bit it goes to my actual rank.  It really pisses me off that all of my stats are gone now.  Has this happened to anyone else and if so, what can I do to fix this??


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Your stats are not gone. It's just a glitch with the game's stats servers.

The game cannot access the stats servers at times, and if you try to look at your stats then, it won't (obviously) show them. They'll all come back after you play online again, though.

Nothing to worry about. I have had this issue and your sats are fine.

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They might just be trying to fix the LAG in the game and the stats are getting reset buy them doing this.....but like everyone said it happens all the time.................later

Yes it happens to me every day at the moment. My stats usually return after I play a couple of matches.

I have been using to checkout my stats.