no split screen on private match either?

Why not? First I learn I cant do it on system link and now this?


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Really? That sucks. I remember you could in past games. Split screen 1v1s make for the lolz.

360 or xbone?

I know you can on the 360

You can on 360, it was the first thing I did.

Well show me how..I have been trying and I get no results. Here is what I have been doing:

1. I select multiplayer and then xbox live. I then turn on controller 2. The phrase "add controller for split screen" appears under my tag.  "Press a to sign in appears"...I can sign con 2 in as either guest or another live account. I have tried both and this works fine. I hit the a button and either guest or a gold account will appear. So this works ok.

2.  So now I sign out con 2 andback out to private match. I then try to sign in controller 2. No "add controller" message appears.  Hence I cant play split screen on private match. This same thing happens on system link.

Where am I going wrong?

 I'd have to go play it to remember, but the only question I have is why you sign the controller back out. From what I remeber you sign in controller one, then sign in controller 2 as guest ..... and once you start the match it comes up as split screen.

 Sounds too simple so maybe I'm forgetting steps. But it can definitely be done in a private match. I'll get on in a bit and check it out so I remember exactly.

Cant get it to work...

  Yeah .... I just checked and its quite simple. Keep in mind this is the 360.

  Sign in to live and ghosts. At the menue select xbox live adn then you have the option to sign in second controller. Sign in as guest, anf go to either "private match" or "find match" ( no ffa )  ..... when the match starts it will be split screen.

  It also gives the option to sign in a second controller on " local play "


   If you go back to the main menue it signs the 2nd controller out ..... so dont do that. Just go to your match after signing in the controller. u are saying to sign in both controllers under xbox live and then go down to private match?  Cause if I just click multiplayer and go right to private match it doesnt work.  I would check it but it seems the ghosts servers are down in ne georgia at this time (6:05 pm est).

right ..... go to multiplayer, then xbox live, then sign in second controller , then find match or private match. that theconnection works I have it working: I have to click multiplayer then sign in the other controller and then clickprivate match. If I just try going right to private match Iit dont work. Thanks